Find diamonds in South Africa:
exclusive – luxurious – adventurous

Find diamonds in South Africa: exclusive – luxurious – adventurous

Your stay in the South African metropolis of Cape Town will be crowned with an adventure that our brand was first to bring into being worldwide. It is an adventure full of enjoyment, excitement, and an atmosphere of well-being that allows you to experience the nature of South Africa with all your senses. A perfect combination of luxury and nature.


You have the opportunity to experience the journey of a South African diamond from its discovery at the bottom of the ocean to its transformation into a sparkling jewel. Particularly for couples, newly engaged or married, our Diamond Safari serves as an unforgettable milestone in your shared experiences.

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This is what your day, devoted to the themes of
diamonds and South Africa, looks like:

This is what your day, devoted to the themes of diamonds and South Africa, looks like:

Your adventure begins

Comfortable transfer

Our chauffeur picks you up from your accommodation in a limousine

Take off

Luxury in the air

From the airport in Cape Town you fly in a comfortable private plane to the west coast

Almost there

Welcome to the west coast

Transfer to our beach villa located between Port Nolloth and McDougalls Bay

Arrive and relish

Unwind and relax

Start with a sumptuous breakfast and an introduction to diamond diving

Weigh the anchor

Drift and forget everything

Travel by boat with our diamond diver out to the water

Dive and discover

Looking for diamonds

Diving with the diamond diver (for those with a diving license) or observing the divers from the deck

The taste of the original west coast

A gourmet lunch awaits you

Gourmet lunch on the terrace of the beach villa, prepared by our private chef

The world of diamonds

Examine the treasures

Classification of the gemstones together with our diamond diver

Back the same day

Return flight to Cape Town

Return to Cape Town by private plane in the afternoon

Comfort in the air,
on land, and at sea

Comfort in the air, on land, and at sea

You can crown your vacation in Cape Town with an unforgettable day on the west coast near the Namibian border: with a Benguela Diamond Safari. Whether you are staying in Ellerman House or in another hotel in the “Mother City”, we personally pick you up from your accommodation with a limousine and then fly you in a comfortable, safe private plane to Port Nolloth. After you have enjoyed the first stage of your adventure in the air, it continues on the water where you follow our diamond diver into the depths or observe him bringing up precious gemstones. Later that same day you return to Cape Town by private plane. Whether in the air, on land, or on the water – we take care of the details, ensuring that all you ever need to do is enjoy the time you spend with us to the utmost.

Taste the
west coast

Taste the west coast

Not only our beach villa, with its luxurious maritime-themed design, offers you an atmosphere in which you can lean back and relax at any time thanks to our attentive service personnel. You are also treated to the authentic taste of the west coast and a variety of South African flavors by our private chef. While a soft breeze blows through your hair on the terrace, enjoy seafood of excellent quality and freshly caught seasonal fish. To complement each course we serve you South African wines from the wine cellar at Ellerman House in Cape Town.

Conflict-free diamonds
in South Africa

Conflict-free diamonds in South Africa

By mining our own diamonds we fill a major market gap in a time in which transparency has become of the utmost importance. Our diamonds do not come from a diamond mine in South Africa, but from the ocean. Their origin is immediately recognizable and at the same time a guarantee of fair working conditions.


Nowhere else in the world are such large numbers of gemstones mined than on the African continent. In the case of diamonds, South Africa is one of the leading producers. In 1905 the largest rough diamond ever found worldwide, with a weight of 3,106 ct, was discovered in a diamond mine in South Africa.

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